The Barrymore’s old school charm, elegant décor, impeccable service, chef tailored seasonal menus, and professional event team help create the perfect wedding reception, rehearsal dinners, and wedding party functions, all within close proximity to Downtown Las Vegas and the Las Vegas Strip.

Barrymore Las Vegas Patio


Existing Seating: 20 guests
Maximum Seated: 30 guests
Reception: 35 guests

Barrymore Las Vegas Gold Room

Gold Room

Existing Seating: 34 guests
Maximum Seated: 40 guests
Reception: 50 guests

Barrymore Las Vegas Patio


Existing Seating: 14 guests
Maximum Seated: 20 guests
Reception: 30 guests

Barrymore Las Vegas Blue Room

Blue Room

Existing Seating: 43 guests
Maximum Seated: 60 guests
Reception: 75 guests

Barrymore Las Vegas Event Venue

Full Venue Buyout

Existing Seating: 80 guests
Maximum Seated: 135 guests
Reception: 200 guests (special set)

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